Posts Build & Deploy Your own Chat Bot Using Azure for free!

Build & Deploy Your own Chat Bot Using Azure for free!

You’ll be guided on how you can create your own chatbot for free of cost from scratch and deploy it online on Azure for your friends and family to talk to.

This Session will cover :

  1. QnAmaker based knowlegde-base from abstract data.

  2. Creating your own bot & linking it to the KB.

  3. Training your chatbot with your additional data.

  4. Deploying it on your telegram, email, website or any other channels.


  • Azure Account (If you plan to build your own chatbot)

7 Easy Steps to create your own QnA Maker aka to become Atmanirbhar!!

Step 1: Create a microsoft account & Register on azure.!

Step 2: Goto

Step 3: Create a QnA service.

Step 4: Add data to your KnowledgeBase.

Step 5: Train and Test.

Step 6: Publish by createing a bot service.

Step 7: Deploy it over respective platforms.

Cool! You are good to go.!

You may ask our Atmanirbhar bot for the above given steps via

Alternatively, watch the below given video for better understanding.

Documenation 1

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