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Welcome to my website

Ravi Jain

Nice to meet you!
My name is Ravi Jain. I am a final-year Computer Science & Engineering student passionate about using technology for a social impact and always looking for new opportunities and challenges.

I'm particularly interested in artificial intelligence, security, and cloud computing. Most of all, I like thinking about ways to make the future more interesting.

Feel free to reach out to me on my social channels.
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About Me

I'm now in 4th year at National Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh studying Computer Science & Engineering. I'm interested in the intersection of machine learning and cyber-security, and in using my skills for technology and business to drive meaningful change in the world. I am passionate about product management & software engineering in the spheres of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, both of which I firmly believe will radically change the way we live. A bit more about me, I am  Google Code-In'20  Mentor for TensorFlow, one of 120  Google AI Explore ML Facilitators and one of 2880  Microsoft Student Partners across the globe, enthusiast traveler, aspiring guitarist, experienced football player, retired lifeguard, average poker player, and existentialist philosopher at times.

Contact Details

Ravi Jain


National Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering
• August 2017 - July 2021

Top: 3/80 (CSE Department), 10/450 (1 st Year)

Sri Chaitanya College, Bangalore

Class XII (CBSE)
• April 2015 - April 2017

Army Public School, PRTC, Bangalore

Class X (CBSE)
• April 2015

Secured Gold Medal in NASA Astronomy Olympiad


Project Lead

• Feb 2020 - Present
• Developed & deployed robust, secure, and responsive dynamic web portals for various business verticals to streamlines, well structure, and digitalize their entire business primarily using LAMP stack & Bootstrap.
• Implemented various solutions to automated workflow primarily using batch & python scripts.
• Designed & Integrated LMS, plugins and managed DevOps.
• Contributed to business modelling, marketing and worked closely with clients.

DSC Lead

Google Developers
• Aug 2020 - Present
Developing on-campus tech community & helping peers learn and connect by conducing hands-on workshops and events.

Microsoft Learn Ambassador - Beta

• Aug 2020 - Present
Organized and conducted a series of webinars; Conducted sessions on tech topics, collaborated with tech-enthusiasts, and a global group of campus leaders to help fellow students, create robust tech communities, and develop technical and career skills for the future.

Vouched Mozillian

• Sept 2019 - Present
Contributing actively to the vibrant Mozilla community by conducting webinars and spreading more and more awareness about tech.
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Link to my Mozillian profile

Microsoft Student Partner - Beta

• Sept 2019 - Aug 2020
Organized “GLUG Dev Days” for practical hands-on learning & development in various domains of tech, from 30th May to 14th June.

Frontend Web Developer

National Institute of Technology
• Jan 2020 - Present
Made a website for the technical and cultural fest VULCANZY 2020. Fixed all bugs related to front-end on the site.

DSC CORE Member of NIT Andhra Pradesh

Google Developers
• Feb 2019 - Jun 2020
Actively conducted workshops on web Development: CSS, HTML and JS, Git & GitHub, Google Cloud Jam, and various other trending technologies. Educated more than 200 students to develop their technical skills.

Facilitator - Explore ML Academy

Google AI
• Jul 2019 - Mar 2020
With the aid of content provided by Google, educated 700+ students on campus and in community events to help them get started with Machine Learning.

GCI Mentor for TensorFlow

Google Code-In
• Nov 2019 - Feb 2020
Mentored students aged 13-17 years get started with Open-Source during the Google Code-In program as a part of the TensorFlow organization.

Mobile Application Developer

Andhra Pradesh Police Dept.
• Sep 2019 - Nov 2019
• Andhra Pradesh, India
Developed a mobile app to digitalized the night patrolling system and make it more transparent & secure. Firebase along with Google Maps API integration were used to mark the credibility of constables patrolling so that they can’t fake their presence at a beat. Java is the primary language used for development.

Interned as security analyst at Intact.

Defenzelite Private Limited (Intact) - Internship
• Jun 2019 - Aug 2019
• India
Conducted Web App Penetration Testing, API Penetration Testing, assessed on a wide variety of technology and simulation of sophisticated Cyberattacks; Was awarded the most productive Intern Award.

National Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh

 Aug 2018 - Aug 2019

 Aug 2018 - Aug 2019



  • LAMP STACK+CSS & JS Frameworks

    • Developed and deployed secure, robust, responsive web portal for marble management, Client Relation Management and Intern Management (In production, used by vendors & companies across world). Various metrics added for in-depth business insights along with various other features for digitalizing business.

  • Language Identifiaction in Mixed Script Social Media Text

    • Build a highly accurate model using two-layer classifier, the first layer does the sentence level classification followed by the second layer labeling the words of the sentence.
      White Paper
      • Using N-grams
      • Using CRF
  • Sentimental Analysis Using Summarization Based on Minimum Cuts

    • Examined the relation between subjectivity detection and polarity classification, showing that subjectivity detection can compress reviews into much shorter extracts that still retain polarity information at a level comparable to that of the full review. Also, it is shown that employing the minimum-cut framework results in the development of efficient algorithms for sentimental analysis. Utilizing contextual information via this framework can lead to statistically significant improvement in polarity classification accuracy.
      White Paper
  • Cat vs Dog Classifer Using Neural Network

    • A highly accurate model build on neural layers hardcoded forward and back propagation without using any high level library or function calls.


  • Protocol Implementations

      • SR Protocol
      • Subnetting
      • Go Back N Protocol
      • TCP Implemenatiton
      • UDP Implemenatiton
      • RIP Implemenatiton
      • RPC Implemenatiton
      • Stop & Wait Protocol
      • ARP & RARP Implemenatiton
  • Socket Programming

      • UDP Socket programming
      • Client-Server File Reading Program
  • Network Simulator Tools

      • Wireshark Packet Capture
      • Simulate a Four-Node Point-To-Point Network Using NS2
      • Simulate & Analysis of Three Nodes Point-To-Point Networks With Duplex Links Between them Using NS2
  • Network Algorithm Implemenation

      • Cyclic Redundancy Check
      • Hamming Code Check
      • Optimal Shortest Path First Algorithm
      • Congestion Control (Leaky Bucket Algorithm) Implemenatiton


  • Sethi Ullman Algorithm Implementation

      • Using Top Down Recursive Descent Parser
      • Using YACC
  • Intermediate Code Generation

      • Using N-gramss
      • Using CRF
  • Parsers

      • LALR
      • SLR
      • CLR
  • Redundant Parentheses Elimination

      • Using Top Down Recursive Descent Parser
      • Using YACC


  • E-Beats

    • Developed a robust, reliable, and scalable android app for the Department of  Andhra Pradesh Police which digitalized their night patrolling system and made it more transparent, secure, and flexible.
      • JAVA (Android)
      • Firebase
      • Google Map API
  • TriangleLearn

    • A teaching platform with the aim of creating a conscious tech environment by educating & mentoring folks and spreading more and more awareness related to tech.
      • Cross Platfrom Hybrid Web App
      • Ionic, Cordova & PhoneGap


  • Chillitray Technologies

      • Business Website
      • Link
  • TriangleLearn

      • Teaching Platform
      • Link
  • Vulcanzy

      • Front End Design
      • Link
  • Personal Website


  • Azure & GCP Services

      • Created few Google Assistant Trivia Actions
      • Web Apps
      • Domain Registartion
      • VM Setup


  • Whatsapp Web

    • A basic WhatsApp like platform, having features like auto sync and formatting of text send/received, with nice GUI design. Developed using Java and MySQL. Further improvements to be done in the upcoming version.
  • Password Manager

    • My first project, developed when I was in 11th std. The software can be used by users to save all their credentials in one place and remember just one master key to access them all. The software is coded in Java and MYSQL.


  • Sudoku Generator & Solver

    • Generating random Sudoku having a unique solution is an NP-Hard problem. By some algorithmic heuristics I coded this, it generates a puzzle by generating an array of random numbers and then forming a solved puzzle by using a set of random numbers which gives it the direction. Then using reverse engineering randomly some cell's values are removed by cross-verifying that it produces a solvable puzzle after each removal.
  • N Queen Solver(Using Graph.h Library)

    • This solves the famous N-Queen Problem graphically. This is coded in C++ using graphics.h library

Want to get in touch? Whether you want to propose an opportunity, project or idea, discuss a technology product or trend, recommend a travel destination, or just to meet and have a chat, send me an email at contact@ravijain.in or contact me on one of my social medias. I always love meeting new interesting people, talking about anything from Indian politics to artificial intelligence and ethics, and learning about others' life experiences; I always learn the most from others. Looking forward to meeting you!